Please read the following information to determine if it will answer any questions you have. If it does not, please send an email to us describing fully your needed input. Thank you

FAQ Questions


Q – Do I have to order online?
A – We prefer that method so that it automatically creates a paper trail on our end, but we’re flexible and can accept orders by other methods.  Contact our sales department via email at
sales@clearlywimax.com to request more details.

Q – Does it matter which CLEAR® or SPRINT ® 4G WiMax home modem I want to convert?
A – We will convert any of the current CLEAR® or SPRINT® 4G WiMax home modems. This includes the CLEAR® Motorola® CPEi 25150, CLEAR® Series-M (Motorola® CPEi 25725), CLEAR® Series-G (Gemtek®), and CLEAR®’s Series-Wi-Fi (Gemtek®) modems.  SPRINT® is using the same Motorola CPEi 25150 modem as CLEAR® used to provide. We don’t usually recommend converting the CLEAR® modem with the built-in Wi-Fi, because you are putting the signal up in the air for all your neighbors, and minimizing the signal strength of the Wi-Fi signal inside your house.

Q – I’m already a CLEAR® or SPRINT® customer.  Do I need to buy a new modem from you, or just convert my existing modem?
A – We can do either option for you, but if you already have a modem, why not convert it?  We are authorized to supply new CLEAR® modems, but not SPRINT® modems, even though they run on the same 4G Wimax network.  Something to be aware of, however, is that if you are LEASING your modem under contract, rather than having purchased it out right when you began your service, your provider (CLEAR® or SPRINT® is likely to charge you an extra fee at the end of your contract if you are unable to return your modem to them.  They won’t want to accept the converted modem back, and why would you want to throw away the money you paid to have it converted anyway? (Note: As of 11/1/2011, CLEAR® no offered the option to lease modems from them, so if your plan started after that date, you are NOT on a leased plan.)

Q – I’m not an existing CLEAR® or SPRINT® customer, can you still help me get 4G home service?
A – Yes.  We can sell / activate new modems for CLEAR® in any of their markets, but we cannot sell for SPRINT® at present time.  The cost for service / hardware from your provider will be in addition to our conversion costs.  Or you can buy from a local vendor / store & ship that modem to us for conversion. We are an authorized CLEAR® reseller.

Q – How do I know what to order from you?
A – Our on-line website shopping cart will help you make those decisions. 

  • If you get the “all-in-one” enclosure model from us, you will need to purchase (or provide) a length of Ethernet Cat5e (or higher grade) cable to connect the converted modem to your router inside the house.  Everything else is provided for proper mounting, etc.  
  • If you get the “indoor w/ coax” model from us, you will need to buy the antenna cable, lightening arrester (to prevent / reduce chance of nearby lightening from entering your house via the coax cable), and of course an antenna w/ mounting hardware to place outside.

Q – How long does it take to convert & return my modem?
A – We strive to turn every modem around (convert & ship) within 24-48 hours of receipt (business days). Occasionally delays happen due to supply disruptions or heavy workloads.  We’ll coordinate that expected time frame with you in advance of receiving your order.   We’ve done special request weekend turn-around’s in the past, (receive on Friday, re-ship on Monday), but for some strange reason our techs seem to think their weekend time ought to be their own. 
  Obviously major holidays & weather issues can disrupt even the best laid plans occasionally.

Q – Can you sell me a “DIY kit” and let me convert my own modem?
A – No, we won’t sell you a kit with instructions on how to do it yourself.  If you convert it and mess up the modem, it’s your expense, but since we’re using trained electronic techs to convert it & guarantee it to work afterwards. If something happened to the modem during the conversion process, it’s our problem, not yours.  We do test all incoming modems prior to beginning any conversion work to ensure the modem hasn’t been tampered with, or have other operating problems.  We spent more than 6 months of R&D finding the best way to convert & obtain the best signal.  We provide you with a one-stop solution for your conversion needs.  No need to buy stuff from eBay & wait for it to arrive from Hong Kong, only to find out it was the wrong part or defective.


Q – How do I pay for my order?
A – Our preferred payment method is via PayPal®.  Our online shopping cart will automatically route your order to PayPal® for payment via any major credit card or your current PayPal® account.  We do NOT collect or retain any credit / debit card information in our records. That is one reason why we prefer using PayPal® to handle our invoicing and payment receipts.

Q – I don’t want to use PayPal, what else can I do?
A – We will accept a money order or cashier’s check mailed with your modem for conversion, but it may delay shipping until we verify with our bank that it was a valid check or money order. No “out of country” checks or money orders will be accepted.  For reasons of security, we do not accept cash as a method of payment, unless you are picking up your converted modem locally and in person.


Q – What shipping methods do you use?
A – We typically use UPS or USPS Priority Mail for shipping, with a tracking number to keep track of the package. You can choose the method of shipping (and thus control the cost) used to return it to you.  You choose the method of shipping (preferably with tracking #) to send it to us.

Q – Our company already has an account with UPS, FedEx, or USPS.  Can we use our own account?
A – Yes, we can work with you.  Just email us a label for pickup with your converted modem is ready to ship, and we’ll work with the carrier to make sure it goes out on schedule.

Q – Can you arrange for pickup from our home/ office?
A – Yes, we can usually arrange with the shipper to get a pickup from your house / office, but it is usually just as easy for you to make the arrangements direct, or use your neighborhood pack & ship store to help you.

Q – Will you ship to any address I specify?
A – We prefer to ship it to your verified billing address.  Remember UPS & FedEx won’t deliver to PO Boxes.  Since we use PayPal for our preferred payment method, PayPal or your credit card will verify your shipping / billing address for us.

Q – How should I pack my modem to ship to you?
A – Great question!  We’ve received modems for conversion in a wide variety of boxes, ranging from a USPS Priority box to a reused Amazon.com® box.   Just be sure to package it so there is some padding on all four sides of the modem, and be sure to include just the modem plus its power supply.  We don’t need the original packaging (although you can use it) nor any other cables.

Q – Why do you want me to send the power supply along?  Don’t you guys have extras?
A – We want to test all components that make this conversion work. Yes, we have extra power supplies on hand, but we want to test your power supply to ensure it supplies the correct voltage through the POE adapter to the modem.  Most of the time, the OEM power supply, that came with the modem, will work just fine with POE.


Q – Why should I buy Outdoor grade Ethernet cable instead of the normal indoor Ethernet cable?
A – Indoor Ethernet cable is NOT rated to be weather proof or UV resistant.  It will deteriorate noticeably in a very short time after being exposed to the sun day in, day out, 24/7.  You will be replacing it every 3-6 months, depending upon how exposed it is to the sun on a daily basis.  The hassle factor of having to climb up & replace it that often, plus the safety issue if you have to get up on the roof or ladder often, isn’t worth (in our opinion) the relatively small price difference of just going with the better outdoor Ethernet cable to start with.

Q – If I’m going to use the converted modem indoors, because it gets a strong enough signal without the hassle of getting it mounted outside, do I still need to use outdoor grade Ethernet cable?
A – No, if you are only going to use it indoors, then any high grade indoor Ethernet cable will work just fine. Just be sure to route the cable in such a manner to avoid being damaged from being stepped on, chewed on by pets, or smashed by furniture being set on top of it.

Q – Does it matter what color Ethernet cable I use?
A – No, the color doesn’t matter as much as the rating or grade does.  We recommend a minimum of Cat5e, or higher, grade Ethernet cable be used.  Every Ethernet cable has its’ grade printed on the side of the cabling.  Cat6 is higher grade than Cat5E, as an example.  Indoor cables come in a variety of colors, but outdoor grade usually only comes in black.

Q – Why should I buy outdoor grade Ethernet cable from you?
A – We test every Ethernet cable to make sure it works with your modem prior to shipping.  Often times the average consumer has trouble locating this item from local vendors at a reasonable price. Our prices are usually competitive with other vendor sources.  We offer 4 different lengths, which usually meet our customer’s needs, but if you need something special made up, ask us for a quote.

Q – Do I need to run the outdoor Ethernet cable through PVC or metal pipe?
A – No, just route it up the side of your building like the cable or telephone guy might do.  Most major hardware stores sell small quantity of cable clamps that can be used to fasten the cable to a wooden or brick surface.  Other kinds of clamps can be used on metal surfaces.

Q – How long of an Ethernet Cable do I need?
A – That answer depends upon how far it is from your chosen installation location to where you are entering your house / building to reach your router. Remember if your cable is too short, there aren’t any working cable stretchers on the market.  We offer 4 common lengths, and it won’t hurt to have a little extra coiled up inside or outside the house.  We do recommend not exceeding 100’ with the currently supply OEM power supply.   If the distance inside your house/ building requires longer, we do have solutions for that problem as well.

You can use outdoor grade Ethernet to run from the outside modem to just inside the house / building, connect the (supplied by us) POE adapter at that point so that you can apply power to the modem, and then either connect direct to your router or run an extension Ethernet cable (using indoor cable) over to the router.



Q – Where should I mount my converted modem?
A – Where ever you can safely mount it & get the strongest signal back from the 4G cell tower.  Only you can determine the appropriate location.  Some of our customers have mounted it on the roof using a plastic vent pipe, old TV antenna mast, old satellite dish (no longer in use), etc.  Others bought segmented or telescoping poles (sold by various retailers to mount TV antennas on) to mount it. We know of two customers in Texas who rented a bucket truck (like the phone company uses) to mount their antenna up on a tall pre-existing pole nearby.  (Don’t use the utility company’s telephone poles, please!).   Customers in apartment complexes have used their balcony rail to mount the modem (but perhaps you shouldn’t do it out front where it could be easily stolen).  Some apartment complexes or homes in deed restricted HOA’s might have restrictions on where you can mount, usually in a less visible location (as viewed from the street).

Q – If I don’t feel comfortable climbing up a ladder to mount my modem, what can I do? A – Safety is of prime importance. One suggestion might be to flag down one of the roving independent DirecTV® or Cable installers, and ask them how much they would charge to install it for you.  If they are an independent, not a company employee, they will likely be willing to earn a few extra $$ for a quick installation where you have provided the needed parts.   They will also have the knowledge & cable clips to properly mount it faster & less visible manner.  Just look for the small signs along busy streets or pickup trucks with ladders on top & mag signs on the door.

Q – What tools do I need for mounting my converted modem?
A – The answer varies, depending upon your choice of mounting location.  At a minimum, you will need a Phillips screwdriver to remove & reinstall the clear plastic base plate (if you bought the “all-in-one enclosure model) in order to plug in the Ethernet cable inside the enclosure.  The mounting bracket (if used) will require a box wrench, pair of pliers, or socket set of the appropriate size to lock down the nuts on the bracket or U-Bolts.  If you are mounting it up high, you may need an extension ladder and other safety gear for a safe install.  If mounting direct to a flat surface, rather than a pole, you may need a drill & additional mounting bolts.  Just another example for hiring an independent satellite dish or cable installer.

Q – Which way should I “aim” the converted modem for best results?
A – Position the “flat side” of the modem toward your nearest tower site for your vendor.  This is the side that does NOT have mounting hardware on it.  The clear panel in the bottom should be aimed down, and the modem should be in a vertical position, not pointed up at the sky.  Both CLEAR® and SPRINT® use land based cell towers to send / receive their 4G Wimax signals, not satellites.


Q – If I want to mount my modem indoors, where is best?
A – That answer varies wildly and widely. 

  • Obviously you won’t want it sitting in the middle of your dining room table.  You will have to experiment with locations.  Near a window would usually be best, but some windows have double pane, energy saving, insulated / tinted window glass, that might have lead or other materials that will cut down your signal.  We’ve had more than one customer who doubled their signal indoors simply by opening the window.  Now obviously you won’t want to keep the window open all the time, in most climates, so if that “glass factor” affects you, keep looking. 
  • Building construction materials will affect signal strength.  We had a client in Texas whose house was built with thick adobe walls (read metal mesh in the interior wall) and tile roofs, with that spray on barrier (one brand called Radiant Barrier®) that shut down her signal.  Outside the house, full scale signal, but step 6 feet inside her house, and there goes all radio signals, CLEAR®, cell phone, you name it.
  • We know of one customer who had to position his CLEAR® converted modem in his dining room, on top of one of the china cabinets near the window.  He set up his wireless router there as well, and his wife / life was happy once more!
  • Attics aren’t always the best place to put your converted modem, primarily due to the extreme heat in some climates.  With the spray on insulation, metal or adobe tile roofing, or even some composite roofing materials, often times the signal can be blocked.  While our unit is rated for up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit, why run it that hot all the time on purpose?


Q – How do I provide power to the converted modem once it is outside the house / building?
A – We use a technique called POE (Power Over Ethernet) to get the needed power to the modem without the need to run an extension cord outside and risk exposure to the weather.   You simply plug in the provided Ethernet cable into the modem (we’ll show you how later), run it down into your house / building, securing it along the way, and plug the Ethernet cable into the provided POE adapter (included with sale).  Plug the power adapter into the appropriate end of the POE adapter, and plug the other end of the adapter into your router or computer.  It’s simple!


Q – How do I contact Clearly Wimax if I need help?
A – Use our email address support@clearlywimax.com to initiate a support request, or sales@clearlywimax.com to initiate other inquiries.  Our contact information is listed on our website, on the About Us page.